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In Deep Level Mining, safety standards play a major role in everyday working conditions and it is for this reason that high early strengths in products are utilized to en-sure an early safe environ-ment...

The following product files are available for download as printable pdf documents, simply click on the product you are interrested in to download:


» Multigrout CEM 60 - Flowable, High Early Strength Grout
» Multigrout 600 PG - A Highly Pumpable Grout for Void Filling
» Multigrout 800 N - Natural Aggregate, High Strength Non-shrink Fluid Grout
» Multigrout 801 GP - General Purpose Natural Aggregate Flowable Non-shrink Grout
» Multigrout 815 N.P - Natural Aggregate, High Strength, Non-Shrink, Flowable Grout for Bulk Grouting
» Multigrout 802M - Fatigue Resistant Metallic Aggregate Non-Shrink Grout
» Multigrout 820 MP - Fatigue Resistant Metallic Aggregate High Strength Grout for Bulk Grouting
» Multimortar 840 M - Fatigue Resistant Metallic Aggregate High Strength Non-Shrink Mortar
» Multimortar 845 MP - Fatigue Resistant Metallic Aggregate High Strength Mortar for Bridge Nosing, and     Surface Repairs


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